The Coffee Movement

· San Fransisco, CA ·


· Coffee Program ·

3-7 USD

First Impressions

The Coffee Movement is probably my favorite cafe in the US. It is more than just a cafe; it's a community hub and a coffee laboratory all rolled into one. Founded in 2016 by my friend Bryan Overstreet and Reef Bessette (one of the most awarded US coffee professionals in recent years), the journey began in the back of a 1969 VW bus, bringing a unique coffee experience to wherever their wheels took them. After a couple of years as a mobile cafe, they found a quaint space in an unassuming street in Chinatown, with a view of the cable cars passing by. This small cafe has now become a beloved gathering spot for the community and a hidden gem for coffee aficionados seeking some of the finest coffee from roasters around the globe.

Since then, The Coffee Movement has expanded, opening a second shop and assembling a team dedicated to mastering the art of coffee and advocating for a culture of caring. We invite you to drop by and explore our ever-changing selection of coffee roasters. Until then, take care of yourself and support your local cafe.

Must Tries

  • Tasting Flight1 coffee 3 ways (filter, espresso, with milk)
  • Song TeaRotating Offerings from SF's fantastic purveyor Song Tea
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